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The world is changing every second. The virtual world is moving even faster. Our organization tends to aquire the latest standards, meeting our engagements at high level and in stated terms. Our employees are required to be experienced. They are to have extraordinary point of view. They must be compliant for gaining new knowledge. We require it, and  because of that our clients like our work. That is why we always have vacancies for the following specialists:


We expect to see responsible, industrious, experienced (not less than 1,5 year) people, preference will be given to those who have a portfolio (skills display), as well as who have higher technical education.
- Knowledge of  PHP+MySQL is required.
- Work experience with other data bases (PostgreSQL, Oracle), programming language Perl, Unix essential principles and administrating a web-server skills are privileged.
Duties: work with dynamic company projects – our site, forum, etc. management system.
Office work, full time job. Part time job is also possible.


Experience (not less than 1,5 year), creativity, diligence, portfolio is what we expect from you.
- Knowledge of all basic bitmap and vector graphic packages is required.
- HTML-layout by hand, drawing on paper, arts higher education, managing skills are privileged.
Duties: graphic development of client sites and company own projects, interface design of project management, logotype, corporate style creation, printing produce design.
Office work, full time job. Part time jod is also possible.  


Manager is first of all an administrator. It is the one who will manage to find new clients and partners for the company. The one who is active and experienced enough to develop client and partnership relations. It is an organizer, an executor, a talanted speaker and interlocutor.
- Special knowledge and education is important.
Office and set-off work, full time job.




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