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Site like interior and modern trends requires updating. Of course not only because its design runs out of fashion but also because companies themselves feel necessity in redesigning and mastering their Internet representation offices.
Topicality of information is the first step which can spoil the whole complex site work. If you have outdated information your project is expired as your business support and turns into your disadvantage.
Redesigning old sites is an absolute requirement of the business world and successful advertizing campaign. Interested parties are unlikely to be impressed with outdated information.
We offer the full service set in redesigning websites. Redesign can be complete or partial, making design in other platforms, website development according to the corporate style and other service.

The reasons for making redesign:

1. Technology and culture development.
Aging is out of control. Our faces get wrinkled, the walls get cracked, and a sites lose the interest of the users. Site lifetime is no more than 4-5 years. It may be not much for us but it is the whole life for sites. Neither information nor technical side cant bear such a term.
Site design is its face, its image. People judge from clothing. A user first of all will notice visual pictures and only then he will appreciate the content. Those images in particular will stay in his mind and make impression. Even if the site seems perfect today it will be of yesterday tomorrow, and will lose its popularity and appeal the day after tomorrow.
Being open for new knowledge and aiming constant self-perfection is the main feature of creative people. GetStar designers are selected according to this feature in particular. They are constantly observing the web-technology development, design and modern art trends, and because of that their sites never become out of date.

2. Advertizing shouldnt be harmful
The purpose of an Internet resource is to spread both familirization and advertizing information. Advertisement provides success when it is live, unusual, low-pressure. In oreder to not plague the customers, to be effective and attractive the advertizing tools need to be redesigned.

3. The company changes its image
Companies often change their marketing and PR policy depending on the changes which occur in the society, economy and cultural values. Changing the ownership form, corporate style changes are not the full list of reasons why a site may need to be redesigned.
Besides the fashion spirit bring to changing and retoring the site.
Full Cycle Internet-Agency GetStar has regular redesign of the clients sites in its complex support and promotion plans.



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