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What is a partnership programme?

A partnership programme is a reliable mean to widen the circle of the potential customers. Partnership programmes presuppose cooperation with the third persons, motivated by the percentage rewards. They will take the responsibility to find new clients. Such marketing approach as dealer network or network marketing is widely used in trading.
We offer you its virtual version:

  1. A programme to controll the partnership programme work is installed in your site;
  2. Furthermore Internet is announced about this programme, the appropriate sites with good usability are involved;
  3. Attrective and favourable text links and banners are created, they will advertize your site, its goods, service, shares and are set in the partner sites;
  4. The owner of the site watches where a visitor or a consumer comes from and pays off the rewards to the partners and the administrating agency;
  5. Advertizing agency, which administrates the programme keeps on PR-supporting and developing the partnership programme, analyses it, edits and changes its work, if necessary.

Partnership programmes can be paid according to click number, or purchase registration by the visitor from the partner site (in percentage of the goods price) and for some definite action carried out by the visitor, who comes from the partner site (for example, submittion).
The main idea of this partnership is to attract as many people as possible to the produce of the site. Each of them, if not at once, can later become the customer of the site and the resource of information about it. As many people know about the shop as high its sales are.
Certainly the company is mostly interested in the moment of turning a visitor into a consumer. World statistics gives 15% users who give profit to the company which participates in the partnership programmes.
Nevertheless advertizing is not the only success factor. Demand depends on the produce sold in the site, if it is demanded by the users (including design, content, information device). It also depends on the sites-participants of the programme and how the text links and banners are made. It is important what is emphasised in the advertizing campaign and analysis of the programme work, its editing and Internet knowledge.

Every partnership programme is a unique scheme of cooperation, taking into account the paticularities of the advertized produce. If you know what to do a partnership programme may give great results and much profit.

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