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The one achieves the greatest
 success who knows better information.

Consulting became an essential part of our life and work nowadays. This service helps the specialists of differernt fields to understand what is outside their competence, to master their knowledge and prove it in practical training. Consulting covers all the business spheres. It helps to save your time, money and effort.

We will provide you with consulting service which can prevent you making even unpredictable mistakes because of lack of knowledge.

The notion of consulting states as activity of special companies in consulting producers, sales managers, customers in the sphere of expert, technical and economic activity.  

Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience with you in development of Internet resources, their correct administration and management. We want to succeed together with you with the help of our skills in information usage, effect and topicality of Internet resources.

If you are only creating your Internet project or it does already exist, it doesn’t mean it is popular and applies to your purpose. The reasons for vainness may be false planning, bad understanding of objectives and goals of the Internet project, lack of strategy, too.

We provide Internet consulting in the following areas:

  • Research and forecasting of the Customer’s market;
  • Marketing programmes elaborating and carrying out;
  • Main site characteristic analysis, such as design, usability, internal page code, suggestions for improving different characteristics;
  • Resource visiting research in general and partially;
  • Content and navigation valuation;
  • Learning the possibilities for the site and its objectives;
  • Security research, including valuation of the software and hardware.
The whole research complex is held because we analyse the potential opportunities of your company and make plans to use them for profit. We provide you with a report which contains the detailed analysis of the existing site from the position of its usability and suggestions of possible changes in the site.
This report will let you conduct your Internet policy in business development more effectively. Our work is directed to each client individually. We take into account the specialization of the company, assumed goals, requirements of the customers.




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