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All of us tend to be a success: in the family, in the public, in the career. The success of any enterprise depends on its presentation. High-quality produce canТt guarantee high income and stability at the market for business. That is why there exist such notions as advertizing, image, reputation.
If you want your company to seem useful and in demand it is not enough just to spread information about your existence. DonТt forget that appearence makes the first impression, and donТt be surprised at our suggestion to create your own unique style. †If your company looks spectacular, speaks in an extraordinary way, works effective Ц you will be deffinitely a success. You can create the image of your company together with us and think it over in details. On the other hand, you may let your reputation take its course but it can rarely give the necessary result.
Let the reputation of your company work for you, create the success environment by your strength!

So corporate style is:

  • a logotype;
  • business cards (personal and corporative ones);
  • letter- and fax-head;
  • envelopes of different size;
  • company block (standard style element combination);
  • CD-design of the multimedia presentation of the company.

Creating your image is a thourough in-depth analysis of your activity and profitable presentation of your advantages. Moreover it is a complex process of achieving the goals your company is eager to reach. †It is necessary to always look fashionable, convenient and dynamic. We are happy to help you and set new horizons together with you!

The cost of the corporate style creation

  1. Naming: 5 ideas of the name with subvariations Ц 200 s.u., the terms of development 10 working days.
  2. Company logotype creation: 3 logotype ideas with subvariations - 150 s.u., the terms of development 10 working days.
  3. Company character development:  3 character ideas - 500 s.u., the terms of development 15 working days.
  4. Documentation package development: business card, letter-head, envelope, folder, badge Ц 300 s.u., the terms of development 10 working days.
  5. Corporate style development:  logotype + documantation package -  380 s.u., the terms of development 25 working days (15% discount).
  6. Brand development: naming + logotype + company character - 977 s.u., the terms of development 30 working days (15% discount).

The cost of the corporate style may vary and depends on the effort and the terms. The number of the developed elements of the corporate style should be taken into account, as well as the number of variations of each element. †



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