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Information is one of the most valuable business tools. It is the basis and idea of the whole Internet web, and your Internet resource is one of the success achievement instrument. Content or information material is primary product for creating the virtual image of your company.
Internet text needs to be  processed and prepared. A qualified specialist should work at it who has special skills and web-copyrighting laws knowledge. Full Cycle Internet-Agency GetStar aims to be professional in everything. We guarantee to write popular meaningful texts while creating any sites, as well as to keep to individual requirements aimed to development of your organization.
We don’t stop at site content copyrighting. Internet information must be supported by variety of printed matter so we have service of writing texts for booklets, catalogues, advertizing articles, slogans, press-release, etc. at your disposal. 
Moreover, copyrighting in Internet is one more way to optimize your site for promoting it in search systems. That is why GetStar employees can adapt the texts using a set of key words and optimize them for search systems without breaking the concept wholeness of the text.

Copyrighting price for 5 upto 20 pages is 100 s.u.



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