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In the age of informational technology we have a new presentation type to help us.
CD-presentation is a multimedia programme within a CD and containing the information about your company, goods, service. Multimedia CD-presentation will be your representative in any society, show the high level of your business culture and reliability of your company.
Multimedia presentations put aside usual printed advertisement material to the category of past and old-fashioned. They are more dynamic and brighter. They make a good impression and contain much more useful information you would like your clients, partners, investors to know. Such a presentation can be your representative both at public forums, exhibitions, conferences and daily routine.

One more advantage of it is the way to simply play. It can both represent your company in a bright dynamic way and emphasis your goods and service. Photos, videos and animation if necessary make additional information and set you apart with your project individuality. It is supported with a comfortable navigation system and may be fulfilled in several languages.

Making an E-presentation:

Usual CD-presentation (from UAH 2)

E-business card
(from UAH 4.5 printing inclusive)

Business of the new generation exchange CD-business cards!
The same size, the same form... The only difference is the purpose for the usual and CD-business card. They can hardly differ from usual business cards judging from how they look like. The right side may contain brief information about the owner, the firm where he works. The underside of the business card is a mini CD which may contain any information. It may be displayed with any modern computer. One e-business card may contain up to 10.000 text pages, 300 full-screen photos, your website copy, sound video-clip, your goods e-presentation. Information may be translated into foreign languages.


Classic CD-business card
The simpliest abd cheapest variant to represent the information about a trade mark or service to the partners or clients. It consists of one or several graphically designed pages, dynamic elements are possible.

Business presentation
As a rule you will not be able to cope with a corporate event, produce presentation or press-conference during 4-5 minutes without such a business card. The information may be displayed in one or two languages, the presentation itself contains of the main clip without additional reference parts.
From399 s.u.

Corporate presentation
The purpose of such presentations is to show your produce and service to the potential investor, creditors, consumers. Company employees, PR-agencies, exhibition managers use them.
From499 s.u.

E-equivalents appear instead of beautiful printed catalogues. They are the same way beautiful and contain pictures, but much thinner, lighter and easier to find the necessary information. They are mostly popular among exhipition organizors.
From399 s.u.

The main criteria to establish the project cost is its complication, the size of text and graphic information, photos, the condition of the provided information, necessity for camera, sound, music localisation (translation the information and interface elements into other languages) and additional module integration.

Transforming an existing site into CD costs from50s.u.



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