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Unfortunately not all the samples of Internet sites may be considered to be a success. But there are no problems which can’t be solved. A set of research work may be held to define the factors of profitable or unprofitable effect of the site. As a result it can improve the situation and turn an unprofitable site into an effective one, which will give appreciable income. Itisthefieldofsiteaudit.

The effective site work is provided by ap-to-date, popular firsthand information which is easily available in the eternal Internet space and also its popularity amongst potential clients and partners.

These conditions are not large in number but they are time-taking and  required. We have service of complex site promotion and site marketing audit exactly for this.
It is possible to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet resource in the context of this research and to make a decision how to remove or master them.
Site audit is a preparatory stage before promotion and it helps to foresee all the factors which can influence the site work and to make a plan (promotion mediaplan).

Site Audit may include:

  • competition research in the definite market segment;
  • making a semantic core (main key queries which are to promote the site);
  • site promotion suggestions (mediaplan);
  • site structure and convenience of information search analysis;
  • analysis of the user’s emotional stage;
  • other types of research.


Average audit cost is 300 s.u.




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