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What sets us apart from ordinary advertizing and marketing agencies

Information Marketing Development Center NetPartner Ltd. is rather a young developing organization which is an outsorting branch of the famous and remarkable British consulting association DARS Consulting. The background of the association is applied marketing and branding at the world market. Information Marketing Development Center NetPartner Ltd. Established the Full Cycle Internet-Agency GetStar at the beginning of 2006 to take the leading position at the Ukrainian market of Web-technology field.
Yet 5 years ago Web-technology was rather a kind of religion of the initiated. It was much spoken about, it was fashionable to use Web-terms in speech, but few people were likely to understand their meaning. You shouldnt think this kind of situation only occured in Ukraine. Many respected businessmen in educated Europe thought Web-technology was some sort of theoretical casuistry with a set of useless rules and standards. Fortunately the situation has changed. Web-technology today is a part of modern business process.
Effective Web-thecnology of Information Marketing Development Center NetPartner Ltd. helped many Ukrainian and Russian companies not just successfully overcome the consequences of the crisis but get past the start business point. Our abundant experience proves the soundness of such a position.


Basic principles of customer work

  • Each customer is unique, and all the clients represent equal value for the company.
  • Every employee of the Centre is professinal.
  • Personal moral responsibility of each employee to the company and the customer for his work.
  • We aim at effect.


The way you can become the customer of our company

If you are interested in cooperation with Full Cycle Internet-Agency GetStar we would be very pleased with new interesting projects. We usually offer 3 ways of partnership:

  • System servicing,
  • Project working,
  • Regular consulting.

There exist situations when we suggest combining these ways. GetStar personnel is interested in achieving the greatest results for our clients, that is why you can trust our professional opinion!



Imagine new generation Internet: safe, convenient for every user, beneficial, availiable for everybody.

Thorough everyday work at improving the virtual world is in no way less important than accomplishment of your home, city or country. Our goal is to provide you with convenient virtual space. Our means of mastering are modern trends, fresh ideas, our hotheaded experts.




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